Here you will find all of the events we have currently scheduled for BMW Motorcycles of Greater Cincinnati. We hope you will come by and join us! If you do not see any listed here, please come back soon to see our updated events.

  1. Distinguished Gentleman's SOLO Ride

    Distinguished Gentleman's SOLO Ride

    When: Sunday, Sep 27, 2020 All Day
    Location: MOTOHIO European Motorbikes 5936 Scarborough Blvd Columbus, Ohio 43232



    DGR 2020 Is The Year We Ride Solo, Together

    The 2020 Distinguished Gentleman's Ride is going forward! 

    On Sunday the 27th of September, we ride!

    The 2020 ride will be a solo event to comply with all local social distancing restrictions and will take an adjusted format to connect every rider to the cause from around the world no matter their social distancing regulations. We are maintaining a consistent global message that there will be no mass-participation event, but just because we're not riding in groups doesn't mean we're not dressing dapper and riding! 2020 is our year to prove how connected and caring we are.

    We will be riding on the same day and for the same cause, but it will be solo. Socially distanced, but globally connected.

    This is our year to Ride Solo, Together.